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The thing that is the priority is to develop to the client's specification without any bureaucracy and with the strictest urgency. Not only is development the key part, the consultancy from myself before, during and after development is more important; as without this the development will fall short of expectation. I love creating and developing software and digital products and I like to allow my clients to gain the enthusiasm as it always helps towards developing the best product possible.

Why Kit?

A Question you may be asking...

After many years developing software and large professional websites, you get to know what is required to work for a business. Software development means understanding hardware and computing limitations; Web development that is optimised not only for regular modern computers, also for mobiles and more limited hardware. In regards to websites, a clean optimised site; means not only is it good for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it is also easy to use for the user in general. Using development that looks good, follows usability specifications and more importantly easy to use and maintain. The system I create will remove the need of a full-time in-house developer; thus in the long run saving the company money, as all technical aspects will be done inside a special bespoke CMS engine.

SEO is the key component to a website, I will go through the procedures of what will help you maximise your presence in the busy world of the world wide web. When the project is complete, I hold special training sessions, so I can teach administrators how to use the tools (which I would created bespoke) and get a taste of SEO marketing; whilst maintaining a upper hand in this field. This will help develop your company from being a local to a potential worldwide entity.

A few solutions on offer do you think?

Yes you may think, but the logic is simple. All these technologies intertwine with each other and more importantly using and inter-operating different medias in this digital orientated world helps unify a brand and product. This is helpful with the social and web media climate of the 2010's.

Thank you for your time. If you have more real time questions and you want to make enquiries get in touch through the Contact Page anytime. I will be happy to engage in dialogue.

Kit Wilson
Freelance New Media Developer and Designer