Managing Sales & Saving Money

With a E-Commerce site, you want a powerful system that allows you to manage your site's contents; while at the same time increase your web presence with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) management which is done by the custom E-Commerce management system automatically. With a bespoke e-commerce solution, you can save money for your business with a system that automates tasks; which removes the need of specialised in-house developers. All you would need is an administrator who can easily enter data and handle the non-technical tasks. The bespoke system also allows you to easily manage the SEO tools available if you wish.

Productivity will enable you to add new items with a simple click. This is enabled by a simple interface which anyone can use. Also at the same time building a system which allows you to analyse the sales statistics, making sales patterns, Customer Relations Management (CRM), minimised managed E-Mailing campaigns; all this with as little work for the company staff as the system does it all for you.

In a nutshell, here are the main advantages of the bespoke built E-Commerce management system which is on offer.

  • Easy to Add and Edit Items - No need for repetitive deployment, the system does it for you. No need for expensive technical staff, as all the complex stuff is done within the E-commerce solution. In the long run, saves the company from employing on-site Web Developers full time, maximising profits and resources.
  • No messing around with technical server settings, no more dangerous FTP manipulations and code hacks; which can be costly to your business. Risks definitely unnecessary.
  • Security setting restrictions comes as standard.
  • Simple Integration with Twitter, Facebook, and Paypal and Google Applications, so you can integrate services with your Web Marketing.
  • Search Engine Management Tools which are also integrated. Helps you easily update your site's status, and makes the Search Engines aware of any updates with a simple click in the site admin. SEO Optimised - The system will handle all the data straight out the Box. No tweaking.
  • Key empathises on User Experience (UX), so it is easy for a novice to edit content on the site's secure admin section; and at the same time straightforward enough for the customer to visit and purchase with no fuss. Keep the customer happy enough to stay by sticking to the old KISS principle, also making sure the site looks pleasing and graceful on the eye to make it alluring.
  • Tight Asset optimisation - When media is uploaded automatically, it is compressed for fast loading and deployment; it is important to take on board that some users may need a fast loading as they may have slow internet connection.
  • Easy to use Shopping Cart, easy for the client to configure at admin level, and easy for the customer to visit and do their purchases. Keeping the click principle to a minimum, making everybody happy with the experience.

Once the code has been deployed, it is your property; which will make it a very useful asset for your company.

If you are interested in the SEO side of development, go to the SEO, or the main web development page. Anything else you may want to know, get in touch and I will be happy to fill you in.