Kit's Philosophy

The Approach to getting the job done...

My Philosophy as a developer is to do things which leaves the client with as little technical work possible. It is important as my role is to allow the client to have what they want; as in what they want their system to be, and it is my duty to deliver. Some developers can make work last longer and complicated than it should, thus making their services cost more to their client. I like to be direct and on top of things without complications as my aim is to deliver a product the client is happy with; at the same time no cutting corners, and making sure everything is perfect.

Aim and Objective

Making sure the product that I create fulfils the ultimate User Experience for all users. For example, creating a intuitive, clean and stable experience with navigation as accessibility and usability is paramount. Understanding what your market base wants as they are the primary users you aim to target. In a nutshell, they want an easy to use, aethesically pleasing experience which makes them want to visit again and again.


When dealing with clients, I don't throw buzzwords around, be too technical or try to be patronising. As a business person, you deserve all the transparency, honesty, and respect. So whilst developing or daily dealings, I always explain things in simple, concise language which is understandable to any human being. No geek speak, as I look at things from a business and relationship level with clients. Important rule is to treat people the way you want to be treated, so I like to make people feel relaxed and comfortable as well as pleasing them with the work.


Doing what I have done over the years makes me realise that confidence is the key with clients. Some clients have had sombre and disappointing experiences with I.T. solution providers. Gaining the client's confidence is the first most important thing for me to do; and to do that is by close liaising whilst developing the best product which they can see evolve and progress.

Straight to the Point & Planning

In software and general development, planning and designing is the most crucial phase. Like building any structure, you need to plan, so you can set out time lines and be more clearer with progress. With this, the client is happy as things go along, and I am content as I know where we are and see what our next priorities are.

With proper planning, confidence and close co-operation things can be easier for both me and more importantly the client. So with that low competitive pricing, reasonable post-development support (bespoke training and other adjustments), peace of mind is allowing you to know that all the hard work is carried out by me at a low price.

It looks like you have read a bit about my philosophy. Do not hesitate in getting in touch through the Contact page. Then you can see how this philosophy is compatible with yours.