Interactive Software

Multi-Purpose Interactive Apps & All...

If you are more interested in having native software for you Desktop, Tablet or Mobile, I can deliver to your specific needs. Targeting different platforms like Windows, Linux and OS X (Formerly Mac OS), it can be done. In any language, for example C++, C, C#, Java, Python, or any other language which fits your criteria.

Whether it is a interactive demo, video games, or business tool applications, the plethora of options are available by request and there will be consultation from myself; as it is imperative you know what your options are before we continue any development. Once developed, the program and code is yours and easy to maintain. As long as you are clear about what you desire to have implemented, before, during and after development, it will be a productive experience thus creating an solid solution.

During consultation, it will include looking at which programming language will fit your solution best, easily to understand guides on how the software will run, proper planning from conception to deployment, and much more. Even though it is technical, if you wish, I will keep the gory details away from you. It is my job to handle to complexities and for you to enjoy the end product.

If you are interested and you have any questions about the deployment, get in touch through the Contact Page, and we can discuss what would be the best way to deliver you the best solution.